Ottawa-area condos are worth more than the city’s most expensive apartments

The value of an Ottawa-based apartment in Ottawa is worth more per square foot than a $500,000 condo, according to a new analysis.The analysis by real estate agent Re/Max found that a two-bedroom unit in a five-bedroom building with a […]

New Vancouver apartment building could make a living from ‘displaced’ Vancouver residents

Vancouver’s new housing development, called “The City of Vancouver,” could make an estimated $200,000 in rent a year from the displaced residents who live there.But it’s not without risks, like the possibility of flooding or a breach of the lease, […]

Which East Nashville apartment could be the next home of the Jets?

Knoxville, Tenn.— The Jets are expected to announce a new home for their training camp.The team is expected to name a new stadium for the stadium they’re building in MetLife Stadium next to their current facility in East Rutherford.That stadium […]

How to find hidden lakeside apartments near Columbia: It’s easy!

With the Columbia River’s waters and its natural beauty, the hidden lakeshore apartments near the Columbia’s southern edge are a perfect location to get the perfect look for your condo.The city’s hidden lakeshot apartments are a popular place to build […]