How to avoid being locked out of your home by Westwood apartments

It’s been a long wait since the last time you checked into your Westwood apartment, but now you might have to wait longer than you thought.

The ABC has broken down the best and worst ways to get your home back.


Call the apartment operator If you’ve got your own apartment, call the apartment operators.

Call on behalf of the landlord and ask for an appointment to discuss your options.

Call 1-800-924-2823.


Call a representative from the Department of Housing and Housing Industry If you have a council flat, you can call the Housing Industry Liaison (HILI) for help.

This is an independent service that can advise you on any issues.

Call 1300 466 715.

Callers must be over the age of 18.


Pay a deposit for your apartment The deposit is required by the tenancy agreement.

If you’re in a council house and you don’t pay, you may have to pay a deposit to the landlord.

You can get this done by signing an application to have your deposit paid to HILI.


Check the property for damage The landlord can’t usually inspect your property for damages unless they’re on the property themselves.

But you can check for damage by calling the building where you live.

They will normally give you the address and the damage to check if there are any issues you need to discuss with the landlord or HILi.


Get an inspection report A report will show you the status of the repairs.

If your property is in good condition, the report can show if the repairs have been carried out or not.

A report must be submitted by the landlord, so you can have it done before the property is released to the tenants.


Check for defects in your home If you find any problems, call 311.

This will show where the problem may be, how long it’s been there, and the potential for further problems.


File a claim to the Property Management Authority If you want to get a refund of the deposit, you need a claim.

You must have a claim in writing.

The claim must be lodged with the Property Management Authority.

They’ll do a claim review and take the claim to HILL to decide if the deposit is good value.


Find out what happens if the property owner doesn’t fix the damage You can file a claim if you think the property has been damaged in some way.

This could be because of mould, paint, or water damage.

You’ll need to send the report back to Hille.


Read your notice of claim If you didn’t pay your deposit, the property management authority may issue a Notice of Claim for your money.

The Notice of Claims can be obtained from the Property Manager on the first business day after the day you’ve paid the deposit.

You may also be able to obtain a Notice from the Tenancy Tribunal.

If the property manager doesn’t act within 30 days after you filed your claim, you’ll need the Tenant Tribunal to do so. 10.

Check to see if you’re entitled to the deposit The Property Management Act allows you to get the deposit back if: you’ve been late in making your claim