How to get a new condo in Newport Beach

A few years ago, the first luxury apartments were being built in Newport.

Now, they’re being replaced with a series of smaller apartments in Newport’s River Walk neighborhood. 

 What you need to know about Newport Beach apartments: 1. 

CreeksIDE apartments are expected to open by 2019. 


The first two units are expected in Newport Hills. 


There are currently 731 units available for rent in Newport, according to the Newport Beach City Council. 


Some properties are expected have a market rate for rent. 


Residential and commercial buildings are expected for construction in 2019.


At the end of this year, the Newport City Council will hold a public hearing to determine if there should be a hotel or condo hotel on the River Walk. 


Residents of the RiverWalk are encouraged to sign up for the Newport Breeze program. 


A new luxury apartment is expected to go up in the Riverwalk by 2019, but the project is expected not to be completed until 2019.


More than 1,200 condos and 2,500 apartments are planned for the River Park neighborhood of Newport Beach. 


This article was written by Jessica McElroy, a staff writer for MNN.