How Anaheim is building a new downtown arena

The Anaheim Ducks announced plans to build a new arena on the site of an old baseball stadium, in a $300 million deal with the city.

The project, which includes $70 million in city bonds, will be financed with about $30 million from the state and about $35 million from private sources.

It is the first of two major arena projects in Anaheim, which is planning to host games at Honda Center for the next two decades.

The Ducks and the city are in talks to build the new arena in an area that includes the city’s airport, shopping and entertainment district.

The new arena would have seating for more than 1,000 and include about 20,000 square feet of open floor space, a restaurant, and other amenities.

The Anaheim Ducks are the only professional sports team in the state that have not announced plans for a new stadium in the area, according to a source.

The team announced plans in January to use the $5 billion in bonds to fund the $1.8 billion arena project.

The arena is the largest sports complex in California.

It would include a hotel, restaurants, convention center and a retractable roof that will allow it to accommodate up to 7,000 fans.

The $30-million financing is the third major stadium project in Anaheim and the third involving private financing.

The city’s bonds were approved in November by the city council, which will vote on the deal this week.

The city has about $150 million in outstanding bonds.

The building would be the first major project in downtown Anaheim.

The Anaheim Convention Center was built in 1971 and the arena was completed in 1990.

The Ducks and city have been negotiating a new deal since October, when Anaheim’s tax base collapsed.

The team and city agreed to a $3.5 billion bond package, and the state Legislature approved $3 billion in bonding for the project.