Which apartments are most affordable?

The latest data on the cost of renting in the United States shows apartments in a handful of cities, including Atlanta, Dallas, New York and Chicago, are becoming increasingly affordable.

The median price of a two-bedroom apartment in Dallas rose to $1,977, while the median price in Chicago rose to nearly $1 million.

The average price in New York City, where rents were relatively low at $1.19 million in February, rose to almost $2 million.

These increases are likely to be even more pronounced in the years ahead, as rents increase in many cities and rents remain at historically low levels.

The Associated Press reported the median rent for a two bedroom apartment in Atlanta rose to about $1 a month in February from $1 in February.

The AP also reported the average rent for apartments in Dallas fell to about half of the average in February and was up to about 40% of the median in New Jersey.

The National Association of Realtors reported that rents are rising in many areas, with rents in San Francisco, Boston, Detroit and Seattle all rising at an annual rate of nearly 3% between March and June.

The NAR said rents in Dallas and Seattle are at a “record high.”

In February, rent in Dallas jumped by more than 1% from the previous month, while rents in Seattle jumped by nearly 8%.

In Dallas, the median cost of a one-bedroom unit in February was $1 per square foot, the AP reported.

In Atlanta, the average cost of the same unit was $8.83 per square feet.

In New York, the number of apartments for rent rose by 6% to 2,200 units.

The number of apartment for rent apartments increased in several other cities as well.

In Los Angeles, rents were up 6% from a year ago, and in San Jose, the total number of new units for rent increased by 9%.

In Houston, rents rose 8% to $2,800 per month, according to data from real estate data provider Zillow.

In Miami, rents increased by 8% and the average price of new apartments for rental in the city rose by 8%.

The AP reported the percentage of apartments rented for less than $1 was up in the past year in the following metro areas: Austin, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

The most affordable apartments for renters are in San Antonio, where the median median rent was $2.33 per square ft in February for a three-bedroom.

The next most affordable apartment for renters was New York in New Yorks median rent of $2 per square.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are home to some of the most expensive rent in the country, with prices for a one bedroom apartment at $4,600 and a two bed at $6,800.

The Atlanta apartment market is also seeing prices increase, according a study from realty website Zillows.

The Zillowing data shows the median monthly rent in Atlanta in February rose by nearly 1%, while the city median rent increased about 5% from January.

The data shows a 3.3% increase in the number in the last three months of rent in San Diego.

In the San Francisco area, the data shows rents rose 7% in February to $4.75 per square-foot.

Rent increases have increased across the board in the San Jose metro area.

The increase in rent in March was about 6%, according to Zillowers data.

Renters in the Denver metro area also experienced increases in their rents, with the median apartment for rental increased by 6%.

The study also found a 7.9% increase for the average rents in the Chicago metro area in February compared to the same month a year earlier.

The cost of living is rising in the U.S. and many people are looking to make ends meet.

While rents are increasing in many places, the cost per square inch has remained relatively flat.

The latest Zillower data show the cost to rent an apartment in a given city increased by 3.2% from December to February.