A ‘slim, sleek’ new luxury condo building in Vancouver’s South End will be named “Pine Ridge” – a nod to the property’s elevation and steep slopes

A condo tower in Vancouver with a name that starts with a “P” is an interesting one, says the Vancouver real estate company.

In an article on its website, Pine Ridge Realty says the building, called “The Pine Ridge,” will be the tallest condominium in the city and will be situated at the intersection of Pine Ridge Avenue and West Hastings Street in the South End.

The building, which will have a condominium suite above it, is expected to open in spring 2018.

“The Pine Crest” will be “a stylish, low-key and low-rise condo development in Vancouver,” the company said.

“Its an incredibly distinctive tower and is positioned to attract and retain local and international tenants.

The name ‘Pine Crest’ has been an inspiration for many years,” said John Rutter, senior vice president of marketing and brand at Pine Ridge Properties, the company that owns the property.

“Its a beautiful name for this building.”

The property’s name and its distinctive shape will make it a “world-class condominium tower,” said Rutter.

The tower, which is located on a corner of Pine Creek Road and Westwood Avenue, is one of two buildings in the building’s development.

The other is a condo tower that sits on Westwood’s east side.

Both buildings are designed to be attractive to buyers who are looking for a more intimate location.

“It’s going to be a sleek, sleek condominium building with a lot of modern conveniences and amenities,” said Andrew Hockley, chief executive officer of Pine Crest Properties.

The company is aiming to build the tower on land that was formerly the site of a former medical clinic, a nursing home and an abandoned industrial building.

“Our goal is to create an exciting and welcoming residential neighborhood, while providing affordable housing and creating jobs,” Hockleys said.

“This is our plan.”

In addition to being a condopetition tower, the development also has a parking garage and a large outdoor patio.