Which are the best apartments in Indianapolis?

There are several factors to consider when comparing Indianapolis apartments.

One of them is affordability, which is one of the biggest factors to evaluate when comparing the best Indianapolis apartments, which includes apartments for rent and condominiums.

The Apartment List Indianapolis Rent Report, which aggregates data from hundreds of apartments in the area, lists the 10 best and 10 worst Indianapolis apartment markets.

It also offers a comparison of apartments to other cities in the U.S. and the best and worst cities for apartments in other countries.

Here’s a look at the 10 most affordable Indianapolis apartments for sale in the country, according to ApartmentList Indianapolis Rent.

The 10 most expensive apartments in Indy, according the Apartment Report Indianapolis Rent:1.

The Northgate Condo, 945 South Main Street, Indianapolis, IN 46221 (3,858 square feet)A 5,821-square-foot apartment with two bedrooms and a two-car garage on Northgate Drive is available for $1,600 a month, which puts it in the top 10 of the best Indy apartments.

The price includes utilities, insurance and an annual security deposit.2.

The St. Marys Apartments, 1501 South Main, Indianapolis (3.965-square feet) A 2,500-square foot apartment with three bedrooms and three baths is available in a 7,700-square inch space.

It includes utilities and a $2,300 deposit.3.

The Old River Village Apartments in Indianapolis (2,531-square, 1,600-square) The 2,600 square-foot home is on the first floor of the home, which features a private balcony with an outdoor patio.

The unit has a full kitchen, living room and dining area.4.

The West Village Apartment, 437 South Main (1,000-square), Indianapolis (1.835-squarefoot) This 2,000 square-fancy apartment is on a lot with an attached 2-car garage.

The two bedrooms have private bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, a living room, and a large living area.

The 1,300-square unit has an attached garage and parking.5.

The Pinnacle Towers Apartments Indianapolis (973 South Main), Indianapolis, Indiana 46221, (1-bedroom, 1-bathroom)This 3,500 square-ft home is one-bedroom and has two full bedrooms.

It has an entry-level master bedroom, a king-sized bedroom, two full baths and a laundry room.

The master bedroom has a private bath and a double vanity.

The 3,400 square-feet home also has a master bedroom with a walk-in shower and an attached twin-bath.6.

The Blue Star Apartments Apartments (4,879 South Main)A 4,000 sq.-ft. unit with two full bathrooms and a walk in shower and two bedrooms is available on a 5,000sq.-ft lot in the West Village.

The units are located in the same building.7.

The Rosedale Apartments and Condos, Indianapolis 7800 South Main Road, Indianapolis 46222 (2-bedroom)This 2,400 sq.-foot unit has two bedrooms, a walkout shower, and two large bedrooms.

The first and second bedrooms are available in the unit.

The 2,300 sq.- ft. unit has four bedrooms and has an open-plan living room.

The unit has five bathrooms and is located on the second floor of a 5-story building.8.

The Dukes Apartments for Rent, Indianapolis 5800 South Broadway, Indianapolis46222 (3-bedroom), (3 bedroom, 1 bathroom)This 1,500 sq.- feet unit has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open plan living room that includes a walk out shower and a sliding glass door.

The third bedroom has an entrance-level double vanity, a queen-sized bathroom, and washer and dryer.9.

The Castle Apartments Indiana, Indianapolis 4862 Main Street Indianapolis, Ind 46221(1-bath)This one-bath has one bathroom, a small walk-out shower and has a shared master bedroom and a second bedroom.

It is on an 800-square yard lot with a 1,200-square acre of land.

The building is on property that was once the property of the Dukes, but is now owned by the Castle family.10.

The Southeastern Apartments at Dixie Tower Apartments on North Side, Indianapolis4,300sq.ft. (1 bedroom, 2 baths)This 8,000 Square-foot unit is on 8,300 square feet of land, with a total of 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The property includes a private pool and has outdoor seating.11.

The E.A. Smith Apartments Downtown Indianapolis, Indianapolis 436 S. Broad Street, Ind.