College Park apartments for sale for $2M with a large amount of student debt

College Park, FL (CN) — A large amount (over $2 million) of student loan debt has been accumulated by the owners of the apartment complex in College Park.

It’s been seven years since the building was built, and it’s not uncommon for developers to have multiple apartments at once.

In this case, the owners had only one building to occupy, so it wasn’t surprising that they had a lot of student loans.

The building’s owners claim that they’ve already paid off their student loan and that they are selling the apartment at auction to pay off the debt.

The property is listed at 902 East College Park Avenue in College Station.

The listing for the apartment has a “sale” price of $1.25 million and includes a $150,000 deposit.

The buyer is seeking to buy the apartment from the condo owners.

The owner claims that they have a debt of $14,000, and the condo’s owner has an additional $1,000 in loans.

It would appear that the owner has been paying off their debt for some time.

There’s no indication of when the apartment will be sold, but the owner is selling it at auction, so there will be some interest in it.

The condo owners are hoping to sell the apartment to pay down their debt.