Cedar Ridge apartments to open in Baltimore

Cedar Rise Apartments is planning to open its first Baltimore apartments in April, and a second apartment is in the works, the company said.

The apartments, located at 2200 N. Cesar Chavez St., will offer 1,300 square feet of living space, a full kitchenette, a laundry, a large dining area and two bedrooms.

The units will cost about $2,100 a month, and rents will range from $1,200 to $2.25 per square foot, the developer said.

“Cedar Ridge has a rich history of building high-quality housing in Baltimore, and we look forward to contributing to that legacy,” said John Dolan, chairman of Cedar Crest Properties, which bought the apartment property from former landlords in 2018.

The company will have no plans to build in other parts of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Housing Authority, which manages housing for more than 6,500 people, plans to purchase a parcel in East Baltimore near the intersection of N. St. and E. Washington Streets for an additional 584 units.

That land is owned by the Baltimore Housing Development Corp., which is building the city’s new $1.5 billion Housing Investment Bank.

A second apartment will be built on the property near the city and Inner Harbor in the fall.

The building is expected to be ready in April 2019, the developers said.