Why you should be concerned about gentrification in the neighborhood

Developers are moving in to replace old properties with high-rise buildings.

The city says they are a good thing, but what about the residents who live there?

They have concerns.

The Hawthorne apartments were the last building in the complex to be built before a large redevelopment plan was unveiled in 2016.

It replaced the two older buildings and a lot of parking.

But residents have raised concerns.

One of the more frequent complaints is that the Hawthorne units are not as affordable as the other buildings in the property.

The developer, the Woodcreek Group, says they’ve built a building with a lot more floor area.

But it also has a lower-priced unit.

A survey by the nonprofit Housing Policy Institute showed that residents in the Woodfords neighborhood of East Los Angeles have seen a 30% increase in median home values since 2014.

The company says it’s moving to replace the buildings and that it has received permits to do so, but many residents are upset.

The group is concerned that they may lose their home.

They want the city to make sure the new development is built to the code and not the older buildings.

The city says it plans to develop the property and plans to meet with the residents to work out a compromise.