How to make a cheap duplex apartment in India

The cheapest duplex in India is located in the heart of the city of Philadelphias, in the outskirts of the Indian capital, Delhi.

The two-storey apartment is only available for rent on Airbnb.

The owner of the building, who goes by the name of Bhagwan, has built a small studio on the ground floor, as well as an apartment on the second floor.

He rents out his two-bedroom flat for Rs 2,000 a month.

The apartment has three bathrooms, a kitchenette, a dining room, a living room, and a terrace.

All the bathrooms are located in separate rooms.

The bathroom on the terrace has a marble counter and the bathroom on one side has a small table.

The other bathroom has a large marble table and a sink.

The owners of the house rent the property for Rs 5,000.

The kitchenette and the bedroom have a built-in refrigerator and microwave.

The living room has a full-sized table, a table with a flat screen TV, and two chairs.

The terrace is decorated with pictures of Krishna and Krishna’s mother, Lakshmana.

The only thing missing is the kitchenette.

The room has an outdoor balcony.

The main bathroom has two large sliding doors and an outdoor toilet.

The balcony is about 10 metres from the building.

The bedroom has a balcony.

And on the third floor, the terraced bathroom has an open balcony and a full bathroom.

The apartment is situated in a quiet part of the village, and is accessible by a public transport.

Apart from the usual things such as a washing machine and a vacuum, there is also a fridge, microwave, air-conditioning, a dishwasher, and an air-con.

The building is not a luxury one, but Bhagyan has built it in a way that its quality will be well maintained.

The owners are planning to renovate the building in the future.

Bhaghan told TechCrunch that the building has a “low-key design”.

The apartment will be built in a manner that it looks more like a normal duplex.

He has also given away his share of the rent for the building and has already raised Rs 10,000 towards the project.

Bhagyan also wants to give away some of the money from the sale to other tenants of the apartment.

This is the first of many duplexes in India that will be renovated to suit the tastes of the market.