Why we love luxury apartments in Newport Beach

A few months ago, a condo owner in New Port Beach posted a video on YouTube.

In the video, he describes a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of downtown Newport Beach.

“I’m in a $10 million condo in Newport Beach, which I’m really proud of,” he says.

In his own video, the owner describes a very different condo in the city of Newport Beach where he lives with his wife and four children.

When asked about the condo’s price tag, he said, “I’m the only one in this building that’s paying $10,000 a month.”

But there are plenty of condo owners out there in the community who have made much higher prices.

The median price of a luxury apartment in Newport-Beach is $4.3 million, according to data compiled by real estate website Zillow.

The average condo price is $2.5 million.

But the most popular luxury condo in town is the $3.6 million, four-bedroom unit at the Newport Beach Towers condo complex.

For the average Newport Beach resident, a two-bedroom condo is just $1.622 million, while a four-bed condo is $1,936,000, according the Zillows data.

The Newport Beach Apartments and the Newport Beaches Towers condos are located on the third floor of the Newport Towers condo.

The second floor is a two bedroom unit, which can sell for $2,400,000 to $3,200,000.

The average Newport-Bayside home in 2016 was worth $1 million, but the median value of a home in Newport is $5 million, Zillowing shows.

Zillow found that most Newport Beach condo owners earn about $250,000 per year and spend about $700,000 on their properties, making them millionaires, the website shows.

A similar condo in South Newport, California, which houses several high-end luxury homes, sold for $6 million in August, according ToTheFuture.com.

If you want to be rich, you should be rich.

But you also need to be aware of the cost.

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