How much do you spend on rent in the city?

Silver Creek Apartments in Silver Creek, Oregon, are one of the city’s most expensive apartments.

It costs more than $2,200 a month.

Here’s a rundown of some of the places you could find a good apartment in Portland.


The Four Seasons, Portland The Four Season’s downtown Portland digs offer a wide range of options for rent, but the apartment above is the priciest of the lot.

It’s available for $2.9 million a month, with a 10% down payment.

The apartment has a private bathroom, a pool, and a private backyard.

You’ll also have the option of renting out the whole unit, which is $2 million a year.

You can see more of the Four Seasons here.


The Ritz-Carlton, Portland You’re bound to see a hotel room on this one.

It has a balcony, a private dining room, and the option to rent out the entire unit for $3.8 million a season.

You also have access to the pool and spa, as well as an elevator to your second floor.


the Grove, Portland With two-bedroom units at $2m a year, you’ll want to make sure to get a place with plenty of amenities.

You could have access for your dog and other pets, or you could rent out your room and get some extra cash in the form of gym memberships.


the Grosvenor, Portland Just like the Four Season, this is a place to spend a lot of money.

The Gros is a three-bedroom, one-bathroom, three-bath apartment, and it has a $2-million a year rent.

You may have access at a hotel, or a private swimming pool and gym membership.

The rent includes a pool and fitness center.


the Sheraton, Portland If you’re in town for a weekend, you could have a lovely view of the ocean and the river.

The Sheraton is a two-story, three bedroom apartment that has a nice deck and patio.

You’d also be able to rent a deck for a little more than the Four Sides.


the Hilton Garden Inn, Portland It has the best pool in town, a spa, and an elevator, but there’s also a pool room.

You won’t have access outside the hotel, but you can rent it out for $1.8m a season, which includes a spa and a pool.


the Westin, Portland This is one of those apartments that you can live in and work from.

It also has a gym, a gym membership, and is accessible from a pool on the second floor and a heated spa.


the Marriott, Portland While it may not have the best fitness center, the Marriott has the lowest rent of the bunch at $1,874 a month for a three bedroom unit.

It comes with a spa suite, which you can also rent for a few hundred bucks a month as well.


the Peninsula Hotel, Portland One of the perks of living in Portland is the Peninsula hotel.

It offers a pool with a private bath, a restaurant, and outdoor seating.

You have access from a parking lot, which will cost you about $1 million a couple.


the Ritz Carlton, Portland When you’re a Portlandite, you can’t help but love the luxury of the hotel suites.

It even has a bar, which makes the suites even more luxurious.

You’re going to need a room with a balcony to get all that sun, and you can get some exercise at the pool or at the spa.


the B&T, Portland A nice room with great views of the river and ocean is the B & T, which has two- and three-bedrooms at $3,000 and $3 million, respectively.

The suites have a private deck, a rooftop pool, fitness center for kids, and indoor and outdoor fitness.


the Savoy, Portland There’s a pool at the Sav.

It can get really hot in Portland, so the suites can get a little pricey.

You might have to pay $4,000 a year for the suites.


the Four-Star, Portland I don’t think it’s fair to just pick one place to live and just leave it at that.

You need to get as much as you can from every area of the neighborhood.

Get some great restaurants, parks, and neighborhoods, and make sure you take advantage of the many parks and open space spots that you have in town.


the Holiday Inn, Beaverton There are plenty of other great options for living in Beaverton, and they all offer great rent and amenities.

The Holiday Inn in Beaver