How to find an apartment in London

London, England, is the capital of the European Union, and has become home to some of the most expensive and exclusive apartments in the world.

But what if you could move into one of the country’s most exclusive neighborhoods?

We took a look.

The Times of London, the UK’s leading English-language daily newspaper, has been covering the story of the London-based apartment building, Westgate Apartments, which has become the most luxurious property in Europe, selling for as much as 1.5 million euros ($1.9 million).

Its owner, the French-born businessman Jean-Pierre Westgate, has a history of building luxury apartment buildings.

He first bought his first apartment in a Parisian hotel in the 1950s.

He moved to the London suburb of Kensington in the 1970s, buying an apartment that he christened the “Westgate House,” after a prominent French aristocrat who once owned a vast estate in the area.

Westgate is the most famous and well-known owner of the Westgate Estate in London, with some 2,000 apartments, a number that has climbed to more than 10,000 today.

The apartment complex in London has a sprawling network of buildings, and its most expensive property is the “Dome,” which opened in 2016.

The Westgate Tower, which is a three-story glass and steel tower with three floors, is in the Westfield Shopping Centre and offers 1,200 apartments for rent.

Westgate’s luxury properties have sold for more than 2.7 million euros, or nearly $3 million, according to data from real-estate analytics company Zillow.

In London, Westfield is the fourth-most expensive apartment complex on the planet, with a rent of more than $2 million.

The apartments in Kensington are the most affordable, with rents of less than 1,500 euros per month.

The Westgate House is the second-most popular London apartment, with about 4,000 units available, and the highest rent, at 1,800 euros per week.

In the London borough of Islington, where Westgate is located, the West Gate House is one of only two buildings that are affordable, and rents are about $1,500 per month for a one-bedroom unit.

In the U.S., Westgate has sold for a record $1.3 billion.

The property has sold more than 200 million units since opening in 1989.

Westland owns several other luxury buildings in Europe and the U, including in Amsterdam and Amsterdam.