How to make a home in the age of Airbnb

Zillow, a popular home-search website, has released a new data set that shows how many homes were built in New York City during the last two years.

The data, collected over the course of one year, reveals that about 3,500 homes were sold on the site between January and September of 2018.

That’s up by a significant amount from just a few months ago.

And with more than 5,000 homes sold during the same time period last year, the data also suggests that New York has more homes to go.

Zillower’s analysis of data collected from Zillotips website reveals that in September 2018, there were 5,944 houses in New Jersey.

That number jumped to 5,984 in September 2019, and to 6,000 in October 2019.

And that’s just the housing inventory on the website.

There were also 2,818 apartments on the Zilloview website.

But that number, as well as the number of properties, was down in September.

This is because Zillows website has had to shut down for maintenance in the last few months, which is why the company has to work through other data to update its numbers.

“With the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge and construction of Brooklyn Station, New York had a total of nearly 15,000 apartment units,” Zillowers chief technology officer and data scientist, Adam Kroll, told The Verge.

“As of September, we have seen the second peak in demand, with the first peak in the first half of 2018.”