When The Best Apartment In Cambridge Is A Luxury $1.9 Million apartment for $1,9 million

When it comes to rent in Cambridge, you have to think bigger than a one bedroom.The city’s biggest and most expensive neighborhood has a housing market that is rapidly changing.That means you can expect to see prices skyrocket once rents […]

‘I’ve seen people get the wrong idea about this’ – the people behind Cedar Ridge apartments

Cedar Ridge apartment developer Robert Lachlan has announced the first of his new projects, a 30-unit development on the outskirts of the city centre.The Cedar Ridge development will be the largest single-family development in the city.It will have approximately 1,000 […]

When you have no money, get some money: Housing experts in Florida explain how to get out of the housing crisis

Housing experts say the shortage of homes is becoming a real problem in Florida and that there is no reason to panic.In recent weeks, more than a million people have lost their homes to foreclosure, and more than 200,000 are […]