Williamsburg apartment building to get $6m renovation, $4m to rehabilitate

Williamsburg apartment building has been renamed to make the $6.4 million project more attractive to developers.

Williamsburg will have a new name, according to a new development plan, and will be renamed the Elizabethtown Apartments after it opens its doors in 2017.

The building was originally called the Elizabeth Street Apartments and is expected to be renamed in 2018.

The development plan for the Elizabethsview Apartments, on the northwest corner of Elizabeth Street and North Avenue, will include a mixed-use development, the city said.

Elizabethtown Apartions was named after Elizabeth S. Elizabeth, the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The buildings at the Elizabeth’sview Apartment were once the homes of former President Donald Trump, who purchased the former mansion in 2011 for $3.8 million.

The city said it will have about 400 residential units on site, and that the project will create 100 jobs.

“Elizabethtown is part of a growing revitalization and development in the Williamstown area that includes new residential and commercial development,” the development plan states.

“The Elizabethtown project will be a testament to the tremendous opportunity for Williamburg residents and their families to benefit from the region’s vibrant new economic development.”