How to build a small, modern, and sustainable apartment in a city that has more than 200,000 apartments in it

The United States has more apartments than any other country in the world.

It has about 4.3 million units of rental housing in the United States, but more than 2.6 million of those are in rental housing.

Rental housing is what’s left after you rent your place out and pay rent.

In many cities, it is the main source of income for most residents.

But there are some areas of the country where housing costs are so high that people are unable to pay their rent.

And while there are more people living in rental units than any year on record, there are many cities where people are still living in their own apartments.

Below are 10 cities where you can rent in your own apartment.

Renter a condo in one of these cities.


Austin, Texas 2.

Chicago, Illinois 3.

Los Angeles, California 4.

Portland, Oregon 5.

Seattle, Washington 6.

New York City, New York 7.

Dallas, Texas 8.

Detroit, Michigan 9.

Atlanta, Georgia 10.

San Francisco, California