The world’s worst-kept secret is now open: The most expensive apartment in the U.S. is actually located in a redwood apartment

In a world where prices are skyrocketing and apartments are selling for as little as $2.6 million, one of the world’s most exclusive real estate developments may be a bit more affordable.

In fact, it might be the most expensive redwood home in the United States.

The redwood-clad apartment building at 607 E. 6th St. is located in the heart of Tempe, Arizona, and is owned by the Ketchum Family Realty Group.

Its 4,200 square feet of space is available for rent for $1,600 per month.

That’s right — the price of an apartment is actually $1.6 mil.

That is, the building rents for $2,069 per month — a $3,500 monthly increase.

A redwood bed, which was a luxury item in the early 1900s, was added to the building in 2017 to give it a modern feel.

It’s located in one of Temps priciest neighborhoods.

“Redwood is a fantastic material, it’s one of my favorite kinds of trees,” said Mark Ketchums son, Craig.

“It’s so easy to work with.

It can be done really well.

It is a beautiful material.”

Craig Ketchms owns and manages a property in Tempe called The Blue Room.

The Blue Space apartment complex is located at the top of a hill overlooking the desert.

It was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the mid-1920s.

He had it built in the 1930s, but the building has been on the market for several years now.

“We’re not in the luxury-oriented market, so there are more affordable properties that have a little bit of a rustic feel,” said Craig Katchums.

The Redwood Apartments in Tempo, Arizona.

(Photo: Tempe Redwood Realty)”It’s a bit like a hotel,” Craig said.

“The rent is a little lower than other luxury hotels.

It feels like a little more luxurious room. “

So you’re not just in a small, cozy room, but you have a private balcony.

It feels like a little more luxurious room.

It also has a private dining room and a bathroom.”

Craig says that the amenities of the Redwood include a private patio, a heated pool, an outdoor kitchen and a gym, among others.

“There are lots of different amenities in the Redwoods, it just has a different feel,” Craig Katter said.

The Ketchups are also interested in the development because it’s located within a short drive of the popular Tempe airport, which serves as a hub for the region.

“This is a great place to live,” Craig told The Washington Free Beacon.

“When we’re not there we’re looking for opportunities in Temples or other cities.”

Redwood apartments are becoming a rarity in the Phoenix area.

The average price of a unit in the area is $1 million.

That number has nearly tripled in the past 10 years.

Craig says the RedWood apartments are still on the affordable side, but he says that some residents are paying more than the average rent in the city.

“I’ve noticed that people are willing to pay $2 million more than a similar price to buy a place like this,” Craig explained.

The apartment building was designed to house up to 10 people in the living room and bathroom.

In addition to the large kitchen, there are six bathrooms in the building.

There is also a full-sized gym.

“Most people would probably be better off renting the Red Room, but if you’re looking to make a big investment you’re probably going to want to live in Temp,” Craig noted.