Why are we so afraid of the next round of gentrification?

The bella vistas apartment building is an example of a high-rise in Northwood that’s been plagued by rising rents.

It’s also one of many projects being pushed by developers like a developer with ties to President Donald Trump’s administration who’s also been pushing for the construction of luxury apartments in the area.

Trump’s campaign rhetoric was especially prominent in Northwoods, and developers are trying to make a name for themselves in the city.

They’ve pushed for new development around the city, including a $100 million expansion of a shopping mall in the heart of the city that is expected to open in 2019.

But in a recent letter to the developer, the city warned that a planned development in the same area could have a devastating impact on the community, and called on developers to consider a more local approach to development.

“The development is in violation of all of the City of Northwood zoning ordinances, including Section 8, Section 12, Section 16, Section 17, Section 19, Section 20, Section 26 and Section 27,” the letter reads.

“The project is proposed to be located within a large, vacant lot, located in a location that would adversely affect the quality of life of the residents in the vicinity.”

Northwood is a largely white community, but the developer who’s been pushing to redevelop the property says they’re concerned about what could happen in the neighborhood, especially in light of recent protests in the past.

The city has been working on ways to address rising rents in the community since at least 2018, and the developers’ letter comes after several high-profile developer-led protests.

On July 8, a group of more than 200 protesters marched from the Trump National Golf Club to the Northwood Police Department.

They called for the development of a new public park, and a proposal to build a new bridge over the St. Lawrence River, which is part of the Northwoods redevelopment plan.

The project was originally planned to include two parking lots and a public plaza on the former site of the Golf Course Apartments.

But a group calling itself Northwood Black Lives Matter was not happy with the plan, and they took to the streets and blocked traffic on nearby streets.

They have also threatened to block a planned expansion of the mall, a project the city has also criticized in the future.

A spokesperson for the developer told CBS News that they’re working with the city to see if the project can be changed, but are still “pursuing a more localized approach.”

The developer said the city was not taking their letter seriously, but that they wanted to make sure they took into account the needs of the community.

“We don’t think this is a case of us making an effort to take this letter seriously,” the developer said.

“They’re not taking this as seriously as they should.”