How the Bay Area has become a ghost town

The Bay Area may be home to a handful of large, affordable apartments, but most are located in pricey suburban neighborhoods, and in some cases, only accessible by car.

While the housing market is slowly recovering, there are still some large apartment complexes in the Bay area that are still struggling to find buyers.

Some of the smaller, affordable units have found their way onto the market in recent years, but the trend is not a perfect one.

The following are some of the more affordable apartment complexes that have found a home in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to real estate listings, real estate agent sales, and even some landlords.


Hacienda Hills Apartments, San Francisco, CA (via Yelp) This two-bedroom, three-bath apartment is on the south side of San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Located in the city’s Mission district, this complex offers a mix of studios, one-bedrooms, and 2-beds, as well as an amazing pool.

It’s the perfect location for a group of friends or for a single mom looking for a place to live.


West Berkeley Village Apartments (via Airbnb) Located in a former textile mill and built in the 1970s, West Berkeley Villages offers studios, 1, 1-bedroom, and two-bed apartment homes.

The two-story building is perfect for families looking for the perfect neighborhood apartment for the kids or for couples looking for something special.


Mission Bay Apartments in San Francisco (via SF Gate) This four-bedroom apartment complex offers studios for rent in San Fran, with 1, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments available.

The three-story, brick building has an open kitchen and has a private courtyard, perfect for groups of 10 or more.


East Bay Village Apartings in San Jose (via San Jose Mercury News) This three-bedroom studio and two bedrooms apartment is perfect if you’re looking for someone to share the rent with or if you need a place that you can call your own.

The building is located in a historic building, and offers a spacious living room with private balcony and fireplace, which is perfect when you want to relax and chill in your own home.


Westridge Apartments and Apartment Homes in San Mateo (via Crain’s San Francisco Business) This multi-level apartment complex is located at the intersection of Pacific and Geary avenues in San Leandro.

The property is currently undergoing a $2.5 million redevelopment and has an 8-bedroom unit for rent.

The complex offers 1, 3-bed, and 4-bedroom units, as do the surrounding neighborhood.


Westlake Apartments & Apartment Houses in Palo Alto (via Palo Alto Daily News) The first floor of this three-floor, 1 bedroom apartment complex has one bathroom and is available for rent, with a full kitchen and living area.

The apartment is located near the intersection with North Avenue and Westridge avenues in Palo Alto.


Alameda Village Apartages in San Bruno (via Facebook) Located on the city streets of San Bruno, this two-level one-bedroom condo is one of the best places to live in San Luis Obispo County.

The units feature a full-service kitchen and is located on the ground floor.


Northside Apartments Apartments for Rent in Redwood City (via The Daily Planet) This one-story four-unit apartment complex features a full size kitchen, an outdoor terrace, a large living room, and three bedrooms.

It is a perfect neighborhood rental.


North Oakland Village Apartations (via KTVU) This five-story residential apartment complex on the north side of Oakland, CA offers a large outdoor courtyard and spacious living area, as does the nearby neighborhood.


Richmond Hill Apartments at Westfield, Los Angeles (via RentHop) Located at Westchester Avenue and Van Ness Avenue in Los Angeles, this four-story apartment complex was built in 1960.

It has been a popular location for young professionals for over 50 years, with the latest addition having a large private backyard.


Richmond Hills Apartions (via CondoHub) This high-rise apartment complex in Richmond Hill, CA has been the site of some of L.A.’s most recent projects, including the addition of a new rooftop bar.

The four-floor unit is available in a two- and three-bed configuration.


Mission Viejo Village Apartters at Mission Vieja (via Mission Vie dejo) This eight-story rental building in Mission Vie del Mar has become an iconic location for the neighborhood, as it sits on top of one of L,A.’ s most famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower.

The five-bedroom rental building is also home to the Mission Viego River Walk and the Mission Arts District.


Mission Hill Apartters (