‘Bargain basement’: Midtown apartments for rent for a fraction of Manhattan’s price tag

For some people, finding the right place to live is more important than finding a home.In midtown Manhattan, there are a lot of bargain basement apartments, for rent.That’s the case for one person who lives in a one-bedroom apartment on […]

How to find an apartment in Tempe, Chandler, Chandler Hills and Chandler Hills

New apartments have started to open across the city, including at the Tempe Plaza, Chandler High and Chandler Manor apartments.The apartment buildings at the two high-rise towers, as well as at the Chandler Manor apartment complex in Chandler Heights, have […]

Why you should be concerned about gentrification in the neighborhood

Developers are moving in to replace old properties with high-rise buildings.The city says they are a good thing, but what about the residents who live there?They have concerns.The Hawthorne apartments were the last building in the complex to be built […]

Why it’s time to get your mortgage sorted and how you can find an affordable apartment with an Aussie twist

When the Sydney Morning Herald launched its new mortgage calculator, it had to include a little bit of Australian flair.In particular, it included a number of properties in Melbourne that were considered to be affordable.The results were, predictably, interesting.So much […]