6ft 7 inches tall man arrested for stabbing at 7-Eleven outlet

The 6-foot-7-inch man arrested Tuesday for stabbing a 7-11 outlet at the intersection of North Avenue and Burdett Avenue was charged with aggravated battery.Authorities said the incident happened shortly after 2:30 a.m.Tuesday near Burditt Avenue and North Avenue.The suspect was […]

When the heat goes up in the Las Colinas apartment complex, the realtor warns, they’ll be happy to sell it for $5 million

The realtor who’s selling an apartment in the Loma Colinas Apartments in Las Colina, California, has a warning for prospective buyers who are interested in purchasing a house in the community.“They will have to pay a $5-million mortgage for it, […]

What to do if you’re having trouble finding a home in Gainesville, Florida

It’s the wintertime, and you’re looking for a home that fits the summertime lifestyle.But if you’ve got a family of five and don’t want to settle for a one bedroom apartment, you may have to take a step back to […]

How to build a home in Florida and South Florida

When the weather warms, so do the demands of modern homes.That’s because of climate change, and we need more housing.We can get there faster by building more houses.That could mean more homes built in South Florida, where demand is rising […]

How to Find a Affordable and Affordable Housing Affordability Score: Here’s What You Need to Know

The real estate market in Colorado Springs, CO is hot.In fact, it’s heating up again.But before we dive into how to find a place, let’s address a key issue: There are many apartment listings for rent in Colorado.In other words, […]