‘Bargain basement’: Midtown apartments for rent for a fraction of Manhattan’s price tag

For some people, finding the right place to live is more important than finding a home.In midtown Manhattan, there are a lot of bargain basement apartments, for rent.That’s the case for one person who lives in a one-bedroom apartment on […]

How to find an apartment in Tempe, Chandler, Chandler Hills and Chandler Hills

New apartments have started to open across the city, including at the Tempe Plaza, Chandler High and Chandler Manor apartments.The apartment buildings at the two high-rise towers, as well as at the Chandler Manor apartment complex in Chandler Heights, have […]

6ft 7 inches tall man arrested for stabbing at 7-Eleven outlet

The 6-foot-7-inch man arrested Tuesday for stabbing a 7-11 outlet at the intersection of North Avenue and Burdett Avenue was charged with aggravated battery.Authorities said the incident happened shortly after 2:30 a.m.Tuesday near Burditt Avenue and North Avenue.The suspect was […]

When the heat goes up in the Las Colinas apartment complex, the realtor warns, they’ll be happy to sell it for $5 million

The realtor who’s selling an apartment in the Loma Colinas Apartments in Las Colina, California, has a warning for prospective buyers who are interested in purchasing a house in the community.“They will have to pay a $5-million mortgage for it, […]