Williamsburg apartment building to get $6m renovation, $4m to rehabilitate

Williamsburg apartment building has been renamed to make the $6.4 million project more attractive to developers.Williamsburg will have a new name, according to a new development plan, and will be renamed the Elizabethtown Apartments after it opens its doors in […]

Williamsburg, Calif. apartment buyers look to cash in on high housing prices

Will the Los Angeles Kings finally get the Kings to take the high-priced luxury housing they built into the future?That’s the message that many people are sending to developers and owners of the city’s sprawling high-end luxury apartment complexes, with […]

Which are the best apartments in Indianapolis?

There are several factors to consider when comparing Indianapolis apartments.One of them is affordability, which is one of the biggest factors to evaluate when comparing the best Indianapolis apartments, which includes apartments for rent and condominiums.The Apartment List Indianapolis Rent […]